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Minimize Movements





Freedom To Stand!!

If you are the type to use a stand without a rail, just strap Stand Mitts to your thighs! When your deer approaches, simply slide your hands out and shoot with full range of motion and dexterity. You can even stand without the fear of dropping a glove! Even while you sit, Stand Mitts are tucked out of the way unlike large cumbersome gloves that you have removed.





If your stand does have a rail, just strap them to your stand using the built-in velcro straps. It only takes seconds! Again, when the deer approaches, slide your hands out and have full freedom to take the perfect shot!










  • Faux Fur Lining will keep your hands warm in any environment!

  • The gloves are oversized and allow plenty of room for hand warmers to up the temperature even more!

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